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November 11, 2014
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Online Data Entry Jobs – How to Find Them?

Data entry jobs can be a good vehicle for those who are looking to earn a decent sum of money, without involving themselves in work that might be too difficult for them. Generally, online data entry jobs are sought by those who have a hard time getting a full time employment in a company that will want a specific set of skills, particular training or a certain level of education. It is also considered by those who want to work from home.

The passages below will provide a few general tips on online data entry jobs.

Types of online data entry jobs

Most data entry jobs will only require the employee to be proficient with typing. The greater the typing speed, the more productive an employee can be. When one searches for online data entry jobs, they will find that the data entry jobs are usually found in one of the following fields.

Data entry jobs that require captioning

Many television companies and independent video makers will want people to write out captions for their videos. These can be very good data entry jobs if you are proficient with typing and are also easily able to understand dialogue on a video.

Data entry jobs that require work in the legal field

The legal field is one field where the paperwork piles up sky high. Due to the immense workload, many legal departments and attorney’s offices will make use of outsourcing, by posting data entry jobs. That is where you come in and perform tasks such as transcription, copy pasting, light editing etc.

Data entry jobs in the medical field

Of all the data entry jobs, medical transcription pays the most. However, one will usually need to qualify for certain medical transcriptions jobs by undergoing specific training or by exhibiting past experience with medical transcription.

General data entry jobs

Apart from the data entry jobs mentioned above, one will also find several opportunities with general data entry work that will require transcription of conference calls, video conference calls etc. Some corporations might also hire data entry workers to transfer handwritten material into the digital format or type text that is found in books and other physical documents.

Where can one find the above mentioned data entry jobs?

data entry jobsThe competition amongst data entry providers is quite intense, as there are many people who are capable of doing the job. The present day economics also mean that people with advanced skills are also offering data entry services as they might have been laid off.

However, you can begin to solicit data entry jobs by registering yourself on freelancer sites such as getafreelancer.com, elance.com, guru.com etc. Registration often takes just a few minutes and is mostly free, unless you want to use advanced features and options of the networking site in question. Once you have registered, you will simply have to create an attractive profile where you mention your skills, past achievements and your work experience. You can then begin to bid on jobs as and when they are announced on such sites. Once you land a few jobs, your reputation will improve, especially when you provide good quality work. That will in turn increase your visibility on the networking site in question and fetch you more and more data entry work in the process.

November 9, 2014
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High Yield Bonds – An Introduction

High yield bonds are a specialized type of investment vehicle that is used by corporations, certain banks and even foreign governments to raise money from American investors. The passages below will provide more information about high yield bonds.

What is a bond?

Before we get into high yield bonds, it will serve you well to understand the concept of a basic bond. A bond, as the name suggests, is an instrument where you as an investor decide to give money to a corporation. In return, the corporation will promise to pay you interest on your loan and also give back your principal amount, at the end of the duration of the bond. The end of a bond duration is usually referred to as a maturity date or a call date, depending on the market that you are dealing with.

However, bonds are subject to risk. In other words, some bonds are safer than some other bonds. In some cases, a corporation might simply not be able to fulfill the returns it might have promised. When that happens, it is called a default. High yield bonds are generally considered to be risky bonds. These high yield bonds are discussed in more detail below.

High yield bonds

high yield bondsSome corporations will simply not qualify for high grade investment bonds that will allow them to procure capital at reasonable rates. This usually happens when corporations get a poor credit rating from rating agencies such as Moody’s Investors, Standard & Poor’s or Fitch Ratings. The just mentioned rating agencies will analyze a corporation’s ability to pay interest and also pay back the principal amount.

If the analysis proves that the corporations might not be able to satisfactorily pay for the interest and principal, the agencies will rate the corporations as below investment grade.

When that happens, those corporations will seek out high yield bonds, where they secure capital from the public by issuing bonds that will pay higher than average interest rates. High yield bonds are supposed to yield higher returns as the investor is risking his money with corporations that are rated as below investment grade. Since there is a fair amount of risk associated with such corporations, the investor will expect a high yield return for his or her willingness to invest in company with a less than impressive financial track record.

How do rating agencies rate corporations that will qualify for high yield bonds?

 If you have followed the markets, you must have definitely seen that some investments carry ratings such as AAA, AA, B and so on. These are ratings that are awarded to corporations, based on their track record, financial health and ability to meet future financial obligations. Bonds with a less than BBB- rating are usually referred to as high yield bonds.

Bonds with a rating that is higher than BBB- are referred to as investment grade bonds. What is interesting about the high yield bonds market is that many investors such as large banks and insurance companies are not permitted to invest in high yield bonds. This allows the general public a better chance to invest in this high yield market although it does come with a fair amount of risk, as mentioned earlier.

November 7, 2014
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How to Compare Credit Cards?

Though the economy is quite recessed, people still continue to receive credit card offers as the credit industry is a mammoth one. However, people must understand that credit card companies are in the business of making some serious money, which will mean that you will have to be very careful about how you compare credit cards before you apply for them.

The passages below will give you a few pointers on how to compare credit cards.

Start by comparing interest rate – How to compare credit cards?

Compare Credit CardsThe first and foremost point that you should pay attention to is interest rate. By law, credit card companies are required to disclose interest rates, fees and charges that will be incurred upon availing a credit card. So, you will find this information quite easily. However, interpreting this data can be a little tricky.

Let us take the following example. You might get a credit card from one company that will offer you a 9 month, 0% balance APR, with a 20% APR after the 9 month no interest period. Another credit card company might send you a credit card offer with no 0% offer, but with a low fixed annual APR of 7%. Now, to compare credit cards from these two companies, you will have analyze your financial situation. If you are going to be paying off your credit card balance within 9 months, the card with the 9 month, 0% APR balance transfer will definitely be a good choice. However, if you are going to continue to accrue your credit card balance with additional purchases, the credit card with the 7% annual APR is a much better choice even though it does not offer any attractive balance transfers.

Annual fees – How to compare credit cards?

Another good way to compare credit cards would be to add up all the fees that are associated with credit card payment. If you are having a hard time in deciding between two credit cards that will charge the same APR, simply total various fees like annual fee, late fee, maintenance fee, card issuance fee etc and see which card turns out to be cheaper. The one with the lower fee structure should be the obvious choice.

Grace period – How to compare credit cards?

A grace period on a credit card is the amount of interest free time that you will enjoy after making a purchase on a credit card. Most credit card companies will not begin to accrue interest on a purchase until 27-30 days have gone by after the purchase. Some credit card companies might even wait 50-60 days before they begin to charge interest. Always compare credit cards by factoring in the grace period, choosing the card that will give you the longest grace period.

Fringe benefits – How to compare credit cards?

Credit card companies will allow you to accumulate reward points every time you use the card to make a purchase. Some credit card companies will tie up with airline companies and car rental companies while some credit card companies will tie up with grocery stores and garment stores. You must first pay attention to all the above mentioned factors before choosing a credit card for the rewards program that might be potentially useful for you.

November 3, 2014
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Online Time Management Tips

If you are reading this article, it would probably mean that you are a freelancer or a type of worker who predominantly does all of their work on the computer, that is most probably connected and dependent on the Internet.

If that is the case, you will definitely find the following online time management tips quite useful.

Start keeping an online calendar – Online time management tip 1

One of the best online time management tips that you will get is that you must begin to keep an online calendar that will list the things you have to do, by certain specific dates. If you have a Gmail account, you can use the very effective Google calendar to organize your tasks on a daily basis. The best part about an online calendar is that you can access it from anywhere, even if you do not have your personal computer. This is great for those who work while travelling or for those who work from multiple locations, from different computers. Another very popular online calendar is a program called 30 boxes.

Sign up for an Online To Do list manager – Online time management tip 2

Check out online To Do list tools such as Vitalist or other such tools that will help you prioritize your daily tasks. The user interface of such tools is usually very easy to work with.

Consider signing up for an online project management tool – Online time management tip 3

If you work in a team that has to meet several project milestone deadlines, you might benefit from signing up for an online project management tool such as Backpack or Basecamp. Such tools will allow you to synchronize your efforts with your team members, allow you and your team members to keep and exchange notes and also allow everyone to be on the same page when it comes to progress of the project.

Have some self discipline – Online time management tip 4

online time managementOne of the biggest hurdles that freelancers have to overcome is self discipline, when it comes to online time management. Spending an hour in a social network or a chat room will be enough to throw the days To Do list out of the window, rendering it useless. Many professional workplace environments have banned the use of social networks, personal email sites and other questionable web properties that might interfere with the productivity of work. However, if you work for yourself, you have no choice but to use your own self discipline to improve your online time management, by avoiding recreational sites.

Analyze the need for dual monitors – Online time management tip 5

Research conducted by Microsoft, on work efficiency, showed that time management and productivity improved by as much as 10-50%, just by adding one additional monitor to the workplace. If your work requires you to have multiple windows open at the same time, you will definitely benefit from time management advantages that will be offered by dual monitors.

Considering that the cost associated with an upgrade to a dual monitor set up is quite affordable, it is definitely worth trying if you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your online time management.

November 1, 2014
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Puppy Whining? Why Do Puppies Whine & How Can You Stop It?

Regardless of how much you love your puppy, you will probably agree that the whining noise made by a puppy can quickly become annoying and very frustrating. You might feel helpless and guilty that you are not able to figure out why he is whining. It is important for you to understand that puppy whining is a very natural phenomenon. It happens to all puppies. Puppies whine for a variety of different reasons, as explained below. It is when the whining becomes too continuous, consistent or persistent that you should begin to take steps to look into the problem, in an effort to correct it.

Now, we will take a look at the reasons that cause puppy whining and we will also suggest ways in which you can stop it.

Why do puppies whine?

To express a form of appeasement behavior

Appeasement behavior is behavior that is sometimes exhibited by puppies when they try to interact with humans or other puppies. When puppies whine because of this reason, it usually means that they lack confidence. They begin to whine in an effort to let others know that they are submissive and that they don’t want any trouble.

How to stop the whining?

Since this is a confidence problem, you need to give your little puppy more confidence if you want the whining to stop. Build his self esteem by involving him in sports and by training him for tricks. The more you interact with him without intimidating him, the more confident he will become and begin to whine less. It is very important that you do not raise your voice or physically abuse your puppy in any way, if his whining is caused by appeasement behavior as it will make things much worse.

To greet others

Puppy WhiningIf your little puppy begins to whine when he is introduced to new people or new pets and also seems a little excited at the same time, his whining can be interpreted as a way of communicating a greeting.

How to stop the whining?

To stop your puppy from whining when meeting new people, you need to give him less attention when introducing him to your friends or other pets. Just make the introduction very casual and quick. He will begin to realize that his whining is not getting him attention and he will try to focus on something else. You can also distract him with little toys if he won’t stop whining after meeting someone new. Depending on how far you have come along with verbal training, you can also sternly tell your puppy to be quiet after he begins to whine, as a way of greeting others.

To seek attention

Dogs are smart animals and they are pretty smart when they are puppies itself. If your puppy seems to be whining and then stops after you give him a treat or a rub, you should know that he is using the whining as a way of attracting your attention and to get what he wants.

How to stop the whining?

If you think your puppy is whining just to get your attention or to get some treats, you need to completely ignore him. Do not even give him attention like verbal commands as he will think that his whining is working and that you are getting his attention. Your best bet would be to simply turn away from him and pretend like he is not even there. Once he sees that all his whining is useless, he will eventually give up on it. When he becomes quiet, it is important that you give him attention as that will make him understand that he will get your attention when is quiet and behaved and not while whining.

Whining because of anxiety

If your puppy is under a lot of stress, he may begin to whine all the time, without even realizing that he is doing it. This usually happens in very stressful situations where he may have been brought home for the first time or when he is introduced to a lot of people all of a sudden.

How to stop the whining?

This is unfortunately one situation where the puppy whining might be beyond your control. If you just can’t figure out why your puppy is whining all the time, it could be possible that he is suffering from severe anxiety problems. Generally, when your puppy is very anxious, he will usually exhibit some symptoms such as walking in circles, pacing around needlessly and licking himself without any sort of control. For these cases, you will have to seek the help of a animal behaviorist who may sometimes prescribe medication to treat the condition.

To express separation anxiety

If your puppy begins to whine just as soon as you meet him or leave him, you can interpret the whining as his way of expressing separation anxiety. Usually, this type of whining is also accompanied by other separation anxiety triggered behavior such as drooling, panting or unexpected urination and defecation.

How to stop the whining?

If your puppy begins to whine as soon as you leave him, he is expressing his fear of being left alone. As it is not possible for you to stay with your puppy all the time, you will have to train him and show him how he can manage on his own. You can begin to do this by giving him some time alone behind a door, by using the sit command and then by walking out of sight. At first, he will begin to whine and become anxious as soon as you go out of sight. However, after several repetitions, he will begin to understand that you usually come back.

Another way to avoid whining that starts when you leave is to leave you puppy with a food toy that will take a few minutes for him to figure out. Give him that before you are ready to head out and wait for him to lose interest in you, as he goes after the food. When he does that, you can make your exit. In the beginning stages, it is recommended that you leave your anxiety prone puppy in the care of family members or puppy care, at least until he starts to become more comfortable when you are gone.

To express pain

If your puppy’s whining doesn’t fall in any of the categories above, it could very well mean that he is in pain or physical strife, possibly suffering from an illness or injury that needs medical attention.

How to stop the whining?

Sometimes, whining is just a way for your puppy to express pain. If none of the other techniques help you stop the whining, it might just be time for you to make a visit to the vet, to address the problem that might be causing your puppy physical pain.